The VAULT is the Catoosa Chamber’s newest service to chamber members and the local business community.  Once a bank building, the new Catoosa Chamber office building now allows the Chamber to offer member businesses and the local business and organization community with the option to rent space and services by the hour, day, week, month or longer.  Available spaces and options are:

  • Shared Working Space – a variety of individual working areas with access to WiFi internet, copiers, bathrooms and kitchenette
  • Group Meeting Rooms – We have several meeting rooms of different sizes along with our large entry area that can also be used for larger groups.
  • Individual Meeting Rooms – We have a couple small private offices that can also be used for individual meeting rooms which are perfect for contractors and other businesses that are home based to have a professional and easy-to-find space for conducting in-person interviews, employee meetings, vendor meetings, individual training, or even phone or video conference meetings.
  • Dedicated Individual Offices – If you have a business where you would like a dedicated office or working space away from home, then we can accomodate you with one of our small offices.  You can use the furniture already provided or we can create a longer arrangement where you can provide your own furniture, etc.

We are still developing our entire program and pricing for The Vault with the ability to reserve or book online.  However, until this is ready, please come by our office to view our available spaces and services and discuss an option that best fits your needs and budget!

Much More Information and Photos to Come!